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Hi, I'm Branislav Cakic, married and proud dad. I am a videographer, editor and cameraman, but also composer, arranger, guitarist and singer. Strongly attracted by art and music, I learned autodidactically to sensitize my sense of the world through the regular handling of image and sound. I gained my experience over 15 years through international projects with various artists and the many production of video-films for companies, clubs, weddings and family celebrations.

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Perfection is a goal that can rarely be reached. But if it’s the goal, and you do endure, the final result must be at least good. There is a multiplicity of ways you can approach the problem, multitude of solutions, tons of angles from which you can observe. And me, I’m in love with life, and one part of it in particular - our ability to communicate.


There are so many stories. I like to speak, and most of all, I love to use more than just words to tell my stories. That is why I love music, art, nature, architecture, human creations – because all of them are means to tell a story, and each story is different. I like using what’s already there to create something new. To be able to capture reality the way it “wants” to be seen is a gift that can be enjoyed, now more than ever! Every frame is a grabbed moment; every cut a jump in time. Because light does not choose what to illuminate, I like to step in and make important object come out, take a grasp of the atmosphere and fill the moving picture with grace or rawness according to the story we want to tell.


I adore tools and techniques. But they’re of less importance when it comes to vision. The vision is what turns the skills and tools combined with time to “roll” in creation of something good, something that is worthy. Worthy of watching, worthy of believing in what you see.


Businesswise, my philosophy is similar to my views on perfection. I like, and do my best for everything to be on time, as agreed upon, of the best possible quality, clear, concise and most of all, I strongly believe that both parties should be happy with the end result. Only then we all have positive energy on our disposal for the new things to come.

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